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RoboForm is a productivity tool that eliminates the tedious task of filling in forms manually
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22 July 2002

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Stop wasting your time. Use it to create something nice or just to have fun. Is this right? Ok. What makes us wasting our precious time? Of course, it’s annoying filling of different forms on the Web. You may fill them once, one more time, then again and again, but not all the time! Stop doing a monkey’s job and make your life more comfortable.
That’s possible with the program called AI RoboForm. Everything is very simple, but to use it you should have at least IE 4.0. The smartest and simple interface allows you to fill all the forms in the Internet by just one click from the menu of your Microsoft Internet Explorer. At the start-up of the program you should enter all the facts about your outstanding personality and then just choose the program’s action, as it was said already, from the panel of your IE. As for me, I can’t say that this program is a good solution of my problems. It won’t cook me a tasty dinner, it won’t clean up the registry in my PC, it won’t shut up my all-the-time-singing neighbor, but there’s one “BUT”, which is the most important for this program. It does its work, and it does it excellent. Ain’t it cool? As for me, that’s the main advantage for any of programs.

Publisher's description

Is a utility that automatically fills in those ubiquitous Web-based forms. It adds form-filler hot buttons to Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape 6--all you have to do is click the Fill Forms button. A wizard helps you create an identity that includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, username, password, bank account, and credit card information. A password manager memorizes and fills in Web site passwords. RoboForm can handle multiple users (or identities) to protect your privacy by using individual PassCards. Each PassCard is protected by its own password and contains information specific to that identity. Other features include AutoFill (RoboForm offers to fill memorized passwords from PassCard when you reach the Web page for which you have saved PassCards) and AutoSave (RoboForm offers to save login forms to a PassCard when the form is submitted). Version 4.6.7
AI RoboForm
AI RoboForm
Version 4.6.8
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